Sometimes you don’t realise that you are growing old or you don’t want to accept the fact that you actually are. Day by day, month by month and year by year you are growing old and try to face the fact that someday you will think about these days that how young and active you were at that time.

These thoughts usually come in my mind when I am alone but today in Beckett’s lecture (Waiting for godot) our professor was trying to connect with us to make us understand the characters of Estragon and Vladimir by giving us the names of very famous British actors which sadly and stupidly we had no clue about. So after watching the blank faces the professor suddenly expressed her feelings about this profession of “TEACHING” that how this profession always makes you feel more young while you are meeting new generations every year and interact with them on their level which makes you feel young and connected to the latest generation and their ideas but on the same time every year one batch graduates and that makes you feel that even you are growing older every year. And this made me smile thinking about how life and time goes hand in hand and how you have to ‘Deal With It’. Though our professor was showing us how sad she feels when she is not able to connect with us with the examples of our interest which makes her feel that she is growing old but actually that’s our fault of interests. We are distracted by so many things that the things that are important and useful are no more interesting for us which actually leads us to disappointment at some point of our lives. We regret our some choices and want to go back to the time and make them right but actually that cannot happen because that’s how Time works and that’s how Life goes on!

For Example, This is my final year and I am trying to attend all my lectures to achieve my goal but then after such lectures like today I regret why I couldn’t attend all my classes from the day One of the college. But now I cant do anything with that I just have to deal with it and try to make everything out of this year. Though I learned a lot in the past years too so there we can say that what happens happens for the good. So you see there are so many things that we learn about life everyday. We hear things about life ,that how it works. How we can control it and how there is no control over anything in our lives as everything happens for a reason and everything has a purpose to happen.

What I think about all these quotes about life is that all of these are an escape to the situations that we don’t want to accept. I mean if something bad happens its involuntary as you didn’t want that to happen, but nobody really thinks that it was a mistake that we made that was the reason of the happening. And when something good happens we take all the credit of controlling our lives in a correct manner. This is a sort of hypocrisy. As in denying sayings according to our situations and ┬áblaming the natural forces for why it happened. It is so hard to accept the facts of our lives like growing old and facing our mistakes and ┬áblaming the fate and destiny if its not according to what we planned.

So I think that I will try to face my mistakes and rather than blaming the ‘natural forces’, take all the blame on myself so that it could motivate myself for the second try. I know it is really easy to say or write in a blog but at least we can give it a try as we know Life goes on like the way it has always been.


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