Why do we write? Why don’t we just tell everything to somebody rather than confining your views on a piece of paper or typing it starring on the laptop screen?

Don’t you think it would be better if you could talk to somebody and express and shout out loud about your emotions?

For me, NO! And for all those people who write. When you pen down your thoughts you feel secure. No one can harm you or cause you pain and with this you get to express your emotions in a peaceful manner. And by this security I don’t mean like somebody would try to kill or something but living in such a big world people try to judge you all the time on the way how you think and see things. So the things you don’t want anybody to know but still express it is by writing everything on a piece of paper and then just let it go.

Well you write blogs so that everybody can know how you feel and how you see things as you are passably confident about your thoughts and you don’t really give a damn about what people will think. With blogs you make people force themselves to think that what opinion you have and how you see the same things they see. So here you share your thoughts with the medium of writing.

But what about the writings that are a part of your secret folders or drafts in your blog account? What are they doing there? Well, they certainly have a reason that they are still hidden in your files and folders that nobody knows.

These are the thoughts that made you happy when someone complimented you and gave a smile when you were busy ignoring things around yourself. These piece of papers are the proof that someday you cried because you were trying to make someone understand how you feel but sadly you gave up on them. The moments when you were all alone at home starving with no food of your choice and your mother comes with a bag of donuts and pastries that took you to another world with closed eyes, feeling the taste of chocolate and raspberries while your mother was capturing your face that you didnt noticed at that time. And all those amazing , happy , sad , funny , lovely , adventurous and more, moments and memories that you wanted to keep always near your heart and so you penned them. Not because you want somebody to see but because when you read them again you can remember all those emotions and think about your life then and now.

For me writing is an escape from the real world to the world of memories. Happy or Sad.

Keep Writing! Keep Calm! 🙂


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