I want to start today’s post with one question. Do you all love your country? The country where you were born and where you live. Now asking the same question to particularly Indians, Do you love your country? Yes? No? Or maybe you don’t care to think about it? Now everybody must be thinking that how come I have become so patriotic. To be frank I am not. But when certain things happen around me I am forced to think about the place where I live. So today I attended this event ‘Olive 2015’ which is an inter-church cultural competition organised by the Church Committees of Delhi where students from different churches had to perform in different sub-events.

So the street play starts and the common topic given to 12 teams was ‘India-Our country.’ The first team comes and performs on India’s politics and crimes related to that and I felt like, yaa.. that’s so true. It is the real picture then another team comes and performs on something bad related to politics again and then all the performances were full of social issues related to feminism, molestation, child abuse etc. And I was like that’s it? Really? That is all India about?

Corruption, Child Abuse, Rape, Molestation , Poor Police security, unequal rights to women and men and what else? This is the picture you show when you are asked to present an act in front of everybody. All the negative aspects to show? I mean we know what wrong things are happening in our country but every city or country does. Who said USA is the safest place to live or they don’t do politics or they don’t rape people. OKAY. We understand that people need to change their thought process towards things that are pretty serious to handle but that doesn’t mean it’s all about that. India is still known for its love and respect for relations and the rich culture. The colors of India are still in everyone’s conversations around the world.The old studies by indians are still used in other countries. The monuments, the cities everything here is always talked about. It’s sad how people from our country see only the bad sites. Okay, I get it. You present these social issues to bring a change and make people aware of what all is happening in our country that we need to change but I guess the way of putting up an issue should now change. There are people who support justice.

One small example from one of the acts I can explain and make a point here is that in the middle of the act there was this point where the girl has been raped by some politician’s son and first people stood up against him but then they are offered money and they sat quiet as if they haven’t seen anything. But when taking this to the actual life what about all those rallies and dharnas people did against the rapists and molesters all over the world when one girl was raped to death? What about the people who were standing in front of the gates of supreme court with candles in their hands asking for justice for the girl whom they never met and never really knew as a person. And there were thousands of people. Why not consider their actions and appreciate them in the acts played while describing how India is.

All these things were good when people were not aware of their rights but now people are aware. Now the thing that should happen is that by using this platform of expression you should make people understand the working of the nation by taking such examples from history to bring change.

So you see, even our generation need to rethink what they are doing and need to change and move on from old versions of awareness on social issues. Let people know where they are lacking behind rather than showing them the same things again and again which results in no change of their thought process.


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