Is it the time or its me who is moving so fast. It’s already October 15. Well the one thing I feel happy about it is winter’s coming!
I don’t know why people think that winter is so dull and shady and sad. Ask me! I love winter! The feeling when sun kisses you and the cold breeze hit your hair. So fresh!
When the sweatshirts make you feel more cosy and the hugs are even more lovely that you want to stop hugging. When even the bed calls you “hey pretty, come here let me hug you!” When there is this natural blush on your cheeks all the time and you don’t need to wear makeup and lots of sunscreen and all the tanning goes away and you skin feels new. The skin that feels sick in summers when it’s filled with tacky oil that invites pimples and make you cry over everything. Yes! That’s sad! Really sad!
I don’t why this season has such a negative image. You wear a thick layer of clothes and still you don’t sweat and even if you do that is the only time when you like being sweaty! Sooooo goooodddd!!!! (just like KFC)
The natural pink colour of your lips makes you even more pretty! The loose pajamas and long sweats with furry slippers on at home is the best feeling ever! Isn’t it?
I am desperately waiting for winters so that I can feel the sun kissing me with the cold breeze hitting and then call me pretty whenever I go out! And not just this, the season is full of colours. The colours of perfection. White, black, Red! And who said it’s dull, it all depends on you how you see things and If you want to make your winters happy then who stopped you to wear colours. Brighten your winters with colours and happiness and don’t let the season change your thoughts about your liveliness in your life. And not to forget the best thing! Hot Chocolate and Coffee! God! The most amazing things humans made which can make you happy in every sad moment and more happy in every happy moment. And have you ever tried ice cream in winters? Of Course you have! It is the most exquisite feeling that one should always feel. So, welcome the season with a pair of cute pink and blue gloves with a matching pair of beanie and boots! Go Winters!


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