Why do we expect? Expect people to be nice with us, expect them to love us and make us feel special. Maybe because we treat them that ways. And as a human being that is pretty obvious that we expect to get what we give to others. And when something like this doesnot happen it breaks our heart.

We love someone assuming it to be unconditional and rational but both the terms cannot actually go together. Conditions are rational and Unconditional love is irrational. But talking about it we preassume that it is unconditional and no matter what you will love them even if you are not loved that much. This is not a one-sided love. We are talking about relationships. Any kind of relationship. We think its unconditional but as the time goes conditions and expectations start coming in between. Maybe you are quiet and ignorant about your feelings and think about just letting it go but somewhere inside your head this thought of not getting the affection you need from then starts bothering you but your ignorant attitude makes you the same person you never wanted to be and never promised to be. you stop showing your feelings. Feeling of love , feeling of joy and excitement and feeling of pain. You stop showing the love you always promised to give them without asking anything in return. It seems very easy to make things work out but actually they just keep on creating little muddles in your life that you want to throw away but you can’t. This continuous thought keeps on piling up and results in frustrations and rapid anger. You do not know how to make things right and how to show your feelings and tell them what all is happening where they are busy in their own world. Though you know they love you too but sometimes you need what you gave in return and you expect and follows you to dissatisfaction.

And talking about expectations and understanding and love in a relationship, it is not so easy to get all. Sometimes you just get it and sometimes you need to talk and tell what you feel. If you need a rational relationship where both are equal on every step then feelings should never be ignored. You yourself are the reason of your frustration. Just let it all go. And feel and listen to what your heart and brain says. Dont ignore any.

All the Best Lovelies. :*


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