Open me, Now! (Links I cannot ignore while surfing)

FeaturedOpen me, Now! (Links I cannot ignore while surfing)

I don’t know about all but I am a sort of person who still uses Facebook just to see the news feed. As I have given up on talking to people on Facebook a longggg time ago. I mean you enter into the college and you have so many ‘real people’ there that you don’t have time to talk to the one you don’t even know they exist. Yeah Babe. Messenger for me is Uhh Noo!!!

I come to see people who are not around me and can never be but I love them. Like Shay Mitchell and Christian Guzman and all the other people who kiss me in my dreams. And also read the links that comes in between one after the other. So we all know there is so much to see on Facebook. But what actually attracts you? Me? Lets see ūüėČ

  • Cosmopolitan. I can read any type of link from this site. Its all about Us. The real human beings. Its about love (well mainly about physical love, if you know what I mean)& clothes & money and everything we want in our life. I Love Cosmo! It somehow helped me in different situations. Lets now go there for now.
  • Well, I never miss the links my friends have posted. And with friends I mean Best friends. sometimes there are people who post stuff that catches my eye but happens rarely
  • Next I guess are shopping sites. I mean the only good thing about online shopping is you can do window shopping without feeling embarrassed or what the salesperson will think. And of course you get so much more.

I see bags. Click and open

I see pajamas with cartoon over them. Click and open

I see something very out of the box. click now and check it out.

  • ¬†Next is one of my prettiest sites,POPxo

This place too consumes my time. They post such amazing Diy beauty hacks and all the girly stuff and sometimes mouth watering stuff too.

  • ¬†¬†I wont lie but I do read link posted by India times and Times of India. I swear I do. Whenever it comes in my news feed I do click it.
  • ¬†¬†Last, We all have this one I am sure. Stalk People. When a names comes in between a conversation, you do think about stalking them on Facebook and end up with doing it.
P.S: I still get messages on Facebook with random Hellos and jobless creatures.