Winter’s Coming!

Winter’s Coming!

Is it the time or its me who is moving so fast. It’s already October 15. Well the one thing I feel happy about it is winter’s coming!
I don’t know why people think that winter is so dull and shady and sad. Ask me! I love winter! The feeling when sun kisses you and the cold breeze hit your hair. So fresh!
When the sweatshirts make you feel more cosy and the hugs are even more lovely that you want to stop hugging. When even the bed calls you “hey pretty, come here let me hug you!” When there is this natural blush on your cheeks all the time and you don’t need to wear makeup and lots of sunscreen and all the tanning goes away and you skin feels new. The skin that feels sick in summers when it’s filled with tacky oil that invites pimples and make you cry over everything. Yes! That’s sad! Really sad!
I don’t why this season has such a negative image. You wear a thick layer of clothes and still you don’t sweat and even if you do that is the only time when you like being sweaty! Sooooo goooodddd!!!! (just like KFC)
The natural pink colour of your lips makes you even more pretty! The loose pajamas and long sweats with furry slippers on at home is the best feeling ever! Isn’t it?
I am desperately waiting for winters so that I can feel the sun kissing me with the cold breeze hitting and then call me pretty whenever I go out! And not just this, the season is full of colours. The colours of perfection. White, black, Red! And who said it’s dull, it all depends on you how you see things and If you want to make your winters happy then who stopped you to wear colours. Brighten your winters with colours and happiness and don’t let the season change your thoughts about your liveliness in your life. And not to forget the best thing! Hot Chocolate and Coffee! God! The most amazing things humans made which can make you happy in every sad moment and more happy in every happy moment. And have you ever tried ice cream in winters? Of Course you have! It is the most exquisite feeling that one should always feel. So, welcome the season with a pair of cute pink and blue gloves with a matching pair of beanie and boots! Go Winters!


Gloomy Panorama Of Indian Society. (Let’s Be Positive)

FeaturedGloomy Panorama Of Indian Society. (Let’s Be Positive)

I want to start today’s post with one question. Do you all love your country? The country where you were born and where you live. Now asking the same question to particularly Indians, Do you love your country? Yes? No? Or maybe you don’t care to think about it? Now everybody must be thinking that how come I have become so patriotic. To be frank I am not. But when certain things happen around me I am forced to think about the place where I live. So today I attended this event ‘Olive 2015’ which is an inter-church cultural competition organised by the Church Committees of Delhi where students from different churches had to perform in different sub-events.

So the street play starts and the common topic given to 12 teams was ‘India-Our country.’ The first team comes and performs on India’s politics and crimes related to that and I felt like, yaa.. that’s so true. It is the real picture then another team comes and performs on something bad related to politics again and then all the performances were full of social issues related to feminism, molestation, child abuse etc. And I was like that’s it? Really? That is all India about?

Corruption, Child Abuse, Rape, Molestation , Poor Police security, unequal rights to women and men and what else? This is the picture you show when you are asked to present an act in front of everybody. All the negative aspects to show? I mean we know what wrong things are happening in our country but every city or country does. Who said USA is the safest place to live or they don’t do politics or they don’t rape people. OKAY. We understand that people need to change their thought process towards things that are pretty serious to handle but that doesn’t mean it’s all about that. India is still known for its love and respect for relations and the rich culture. The colors of India are still in everyone’s conversations around the world.The old studies by indians are still used in other countries. The monuments, the cities everything here is always talked about. It’s sad how people from our country see only the bad sites. Okay, I get it. You present these social issues to bring a change and make people aware of what all is happening in our country that we need to change but I guess the way of putting up an issue should now change. There are people who support justice.

One small example from one of the acts I can explain and make a point here is that in the middle of the act there was this point where the girl has been raped by some politician’s son and first people stood up against him but then they are offered money and they sat quiet as if they haven’t seen anything. But when taking this to the actual life what about all those rallies and dharnas people did against the rapists and molesters all over the world when one girl was raped to death? What about the people who were standing in front of the gates of supreme court with candles in their hands asking for justice for the girl whom they never met and never really knew as a person. And there were thousands of people. Why not consider their actions and appreciate them in the acts played while describing how India is.

All these things were good when people were not aware of their rights but now people are aware. Now the thing that should happen is that by using this platform of expression you should make people understand the working of the nation by taking such examples from history to bring change.

So you see, even our generation need to rethink what they are doing and need to change and move on from old versions of awareness on social issues. Let people know where they are lacking behind rather than showing them the same things again and again which results in no change of their thought process.

Shakespeare In Love

Shakespeare In Love

Okay. So this one is going to be a little deep.

We have all heard about the play Romeo and juliet which we think or used to think is a real incident that happened and then we swear the love of Romeo and Juliet that we will love just like them or we can say ‘live together die together’ unconditional love. But did actually something like this could have happened in the era where girls were not even supposed to let out of their houses with their nurses and guards? Well I must say Shakespeare was a man of great imagination and courage that he wrote a play which is still on the lips of several lovers as an ideal example of true love. He must have got a very strong inspiration for this.

And I understood this after watching this movie ‘Shakespeare in love’ (1998) that undoubtedly won 7 oscars and many other awards or this outrageous screenplay and direction. This movie shows how William Shakespeare lost his will to write and then how he finds his true lover who inspires him to write a play we still talk about. Its about Shakespeare’s own love story, in which nobody dies, neither their love diminishes but they could not be together. His lover gets married to somebody she does not like. When they both fall apart William Shakespeare thinks of giving up on poetry and drama but what keeps him writing is the inspiration of love he gets. And after that in his every play there is a scent of his lover whom he could not live with. This is a very short description of this movie. This is has lot more than this. Talking about its other themes it shows the patriarchal society where women were not allowed to act in theaters. But when the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is performed in the theater it is the woman (Shakespeare’s lover itself) who acts in front of everybody and gets appreciated. Everybody could see their love on the stage too. How Shakespeare and Viola (Romeo and Juliet in the play) are into each other. Their love was deep and true that was showed in the play. All those kisses and love with every line of poetry actually touches your heart.

So all that I want to say is that rather than believing in the story of Romeo and Juliet believe in the power of your own love and make that your inspiration of living and believing in yourself.

This was a love story that taught us the true meaning of love and not the one we see in today’s cinema where they shot each other in love by taking the name of Romeo and Juliet. Thats more of an insult and mock about the feelings of Shakespeare and his writings.

Fancies That Never Come True.

Fancies That Never Come True.

There are so many things which want them to happen in your lives. Things that make you smile and give you the real happiness and sometimes you just wish they happen and just wait.

And all your life goes down in that waiting only.

Isn’t this scary? Soooo scary! Thinking that all that you want will never happen and those will be just the incomplete wishes that will never come true and there is nobody who can help you or make them happen. Not a single One!

And these thoughts are always banging in my head telling me that all my wishes will never come true and will turn into a forever WISH! I know this is so sad. I mean why cant we just do what we want to do? Why there are so many things around you which doesn’t even make you happy and just stops you for living your dreams. Watching other people living their lives according to themselves and you staring them with those glittery eyes hoping that someday that will happen what you have always admired for and live with that little hope.

Its not like you are living some depressing life. You too have fun with your friends, sometimes party and dance on your own beats but somewhere inside you are answerable to somebody for your actions. Its like I want to have a drink and then a voice in your head pops and warns you.. “Ohh careful you need to get back home fine.” Well its fine, but sometimes you feel like doing whatever the hell you want to do without giving any explanations to anybody and simply live. Its like in that same situation : I want to have a drink and then that same sound in head pops with a different statement saying..”what? just one? Why? Lets party hard today people.” [STATUTORY WARNING: I am not asking anybody to drink all night and harm yourself in any way]

So you know these are very little examples for what I am trying to say here. The bad thing is that you have a long long life bucket list that probably will never happen. But still you wait. Wish again and dream. That is what positive life is right? You don’t care when will it happen or anything but one day you will go the road alone and sleep under the stars with your beloved.

All of this happen with me.

I keep on adding things in my list that might or might not happen (probably they wont) and just wait till they happen and watch other people living theirs. Maybe they are also dealing with some other kind of thing or live in another environment but They are not aliens right? So yeahh Maybe god has some other boring plans that i have never thought of.

But sometimes you need something good happen in your life that at least keeps up that hope that someday all those wishes will come true. I have been waiting for mine since I was 12. None has happened till now! But still smiling with open arms with that hope in my heart!

LOVE As We Know It!

LOVE As We Know It!


All around you are so selfish. All they care about is their feelings their things, their needs.

Even if they say that they love a person they’ll still think about themselves first. It’s so weird that we are the person who brings out term like unconditional love and selflessness but do they actually exist somewhere?

I don’t think so.  Everyone in this world is so self-centred that they don’t think about the one they love too. And this is a very harsh fact.

Maybe even I am just the same. But when I compare things and situations how one person reacted and on the same situation how the other one and how I did. There is a huge difference. Of course this is what we call change that is inside every person. No one is alike. Each of us is different in every way. Ways like appearance, like likes or dislikes and things like their Nature.

People we love are the one we truly care about but when the choice is between the person we love and ourselves we choose us. Of course that’s human nature we call now a days.

But what is selflessness then? Was that just a term or people really existed who loves in that manner? Is it the era or the time we should blame that there is no such meaning left and love and care also comes with terms and conditions or never such thing actually happened.

It is not just in the terms of romance but in terms of every kind of love and relationship. Are we so ‘alone and happy with it’ that we don’t give a damn about anything around us and just care about what and how that is going affect us?

Sometimes all you need is that selfless love that may or may not exist but you have always admired and wanted. Everybody wants it. But don’t you think that for that even you need to change yourself and love people in your life without that T&C tag over it and just be selfless? I tried that too. I was selfless for some time and I still act like that too but when you don’t get anything like that in return it really hurts. Of course it will. Human nature we call it. But isn’t that’s selfish too? Becoming selfless in love because you expect the same and when you don’t get that you just run away or just break it up. That’s really complicated. I know it. I can feel those complications right now. And I know everybody did at least once in their lives. As a teenager people might think me as an overemotional thinker who tangles her thoughts about feelings and emotions and becoming selfless in love. Maybe they are right but these feelings are really hard to escape. You cannot just run away from all these feelings, at least I couldn’t. And all I realised from this is that definitions like ‘selfless’ and ‘unconditional’ love doesn’t exist in this world.

You love because you need someone who could love you the same way you do. Of course that is one of the kinds of love but not the one people dream about. We live in a practical world where all we need to do is think about ourselves and get what we want. This has been turned into a NEED. You have to be selfish if you want to survive. But all I wish for is to once experience the love and affection that is just for me and without any regulations and love the person in the same way.  AND THIS IS NOT BEING SELFISH! I just want to experience it. And I am not asking to die for me what people think selfless love is. Just love without expecting anything in return.

PS: I am not generalising but interpreting one of the stages of life that might or might not occur in one’s life.